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Reindeer skins

Reindeer skins

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Discover the natural beauty of our reindeer hides! Each skin is unique in color and pattern, giving you an authentic piece of nature into your home. Perfect as a decorative accent on the floor, on the table or as a wall decoration. Reindeer hides are durable, easy to maintain and add a touch of rustic charm to any interior. Bring the warmth and atmosphere of nature into your home with our beautiful reindeer skins!

NB! Natural skins and furs are all unique and that makes them beautiful. Although we do our best to take good photos, the coat you receive may look slightly different than the photo. That's because every coat is different. But we believe that this variation is precisely the charm of our products. If you have any questions about a specific coat, please let us know. We are happy to help you!

NB! This product is made from natural material. The hollow structure of reindeer hair can cause it to break under load. To prevent hair loss, it is advisable to place the skin in a less frequented area, such as a rarely used spot on the floor or as a decorative rug on the table or on the wall. Please note that hair loss is not covered by the warranty, and complaints about this will not be processed. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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